Plot Likert SVG

Use this Website to plot your own likert scales like this one:

LikertPlot Example

Scale Type

Did you use a five or seven point likert scale?

The Count

Please enter the number of people that chose the different options.

Count 1:
Count 2:
Count 3:
Count 4:
Count 5:
Count 6:
Count 7:

Additional Data

Please specify additional data of the document like the title that the SVG should have or the text caption in front of the Likert line.

Left desc:
Neutral desc:
Right desc:


You can now choose between three different coloring methods.

This methods creates a scale haveing red colors for the first Likert values denoting negative choises, a neutral color in the center and green colors for the positive choices

With this method you select a hue color value specifying a base color. For each of the Likert values different saturations are used such that the color is used throughout the document but a black- and white printout would still reveal the different Likert steps.

Here you can use a color picker to select each of the colors used for the steps by hand.

Base hue from 0 to 360 degrees:

Color 1:

Color 2:

Color 3:

Color 4:

Color 5:

Color 6:

Color 7: